XR/XF: Extended Realities, Extended Feminisms

A traveling, distributed exhibition that presents work across multiple realities


XRXF Shipping Container Pop-up Exhibition Locations:

April 3-7, 12-6pm   
Ingalls Mall North
University of Michigan
(in front of Burton Tower)

April 10-14, 12-6pm    
Liberty Annex
305 W. Liberty Road
Ann Arbor, MI
(in the parking lot)

Otsi’tsistó:sera: Native Plants and Planting Songs
Carillon Open House Event

April 4-5, 12-6pm
Ingalls Mall North
University of Michigan
(inside of Burton Bell Tower)


Work By:

Tiffany Ng 
Alice Yuan Zhang
Anıl Çamcı
Zeynep Özcan
micha cardenas, Cynthia Ling Lee, Gerald Casel, Huy Truong, Ian Costello & Anna Friz 
Huntress Janos  
Yvette Granata & Alina Nazmeeva Tyler Musgrave 
Lauren Moffatt
Carlina Duan  
Yvette Ramirez
Julie Zhu
Claudia Hart